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What Is a Box Drum or Cajon?

You will find been a fantastic surge in fascination in box drums these days. You will see and hear them just about everywhere in all kinds of audio from flamenco to planet to bluegrass, jazz, fusion, pop, rock and hip-hop. American Idol has even showcased a percussionist in the house band who at times provides it downstage to accompany an acoustic unplugged functionality.

So what is a box drum?

Box drums, also popularly recognized by their Spanish identify, cajón (pronounced ka — hone) are in fact quite old. They had been created in the 1700's by African slaves in coastal places of Peru. As their Spanish overlords forbade them from possessing any musical devices, one particular idea is that these devices had been fashioned from the delivery crates and packing containers that have been being unloaded off ships. Slaves sitting down on containers commencing make beats and there you have a new drum.

The phrase «cajón» practically translates as drawer in Spanish. So an additional principle is that some enterprising musician pulled out his wooden drawer and commenced enjoying beats on the slender picket bottom surface. Whatsoever the correct story is, the box drum has been read in Peruvian people audio for centuries.

Integration into Flamenco audio and over and above

In the 1980's, planet famous flamenco guitarist Paco DeLucia was presented a cajón by a Peruvian maker as a reward. DeLucia was fascinated with the seem and had it included into his group. Somewhere along the way, they started experimenting with including guitar strings working together the faceplate of the drum. This added a sizzle impact which proved really useful. By putting distinct locations on the drum you could get a very good facsimile of a complete kit sound with this a single moveable box! I've listened to these drums getting employed in jazz, folk, bluegrass and even in songs therapy courses and kindergartens.


The design of the box drum is pretty significantly unchanged from days of old. It truly is a box about 18 inches tall with a square footprint of about cajon drum by one particular foot. The percussionist sits straddled on the box and the entrance surface area is struck by the hands. By hitting with different elements of the hand and fingers and in distinct locations, you can get really different appears.

Modern Box Drums

Present-day cajóns or box drums have began to department out as modern instrume

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