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Bongo Drums and Latin Lifestyle

Bongo drums, usually just referred to as bongos, are one of the most recognizable of percussion devices. Because of to the pervasive reputation of Latin music (thank you, «Dancing With the Stars»), the seems of these small drums are familiar to individuals close to the entire world. Bongos, as the title indicates, often occur in attached sets of two. One particular drum is marginally bigger than the other the bigger is the «hembra» (the Spanish term for «feminine), whilst the smaller is the «macho» (the Spanish word for «male»). Bongo drums are able of a great offer of flexibility and their songs is usually upbeat and quick.

Like some other drums of the Americas, such as the steel drum, bongo drums had been originally introduced to South America from Africa via the Atlantic slave trade. The African nations of Nigeria and Cameroon experienced fraternal companies that utilized a trio of drums called «bonko.» When the Africans were brought to the Americas, vestiges of these organizations and their traditions arrived with them. The Abakua is a culture of Afro-Cuban gentlemen that evolved from these fraternal organizations. It continued to use the bonko drums, but the instruments ultimately unfold past the fraternity. It is thought that this was the origin of the bongo in South America. The Abakua even now exists in modern day Cuba and it nonetheless utilizes new bongo drums that, if joined jointly in pairs, extremely carefully resemble bongo drums.

The bodies of bongo drums are usually produced of wooden, metal or composite resources attached by a thick piece of wood. The head is typically of animal pores and skin, but as with other present day drums, artificial materials are typically employed in present day occasions. Originally, in the late nineteenth century, the heads of bongo drums were tacked on and tuned with a heat resource. But considering that the nineteen forties, metal tuning lugs have been employed to let for simpler tuning.

The sound of the bongo drums is high-pitched and as mentioned, the tempo is usually quick. When played, the drums must be held in between the player's knees the more substantial drum need to be on the aspect of the player's dominant hand, which is generally the correct 1. The drum heads are struck with the two the fingers, palms, and often sticks and brushes, even though these very last are modern day innovations. The audio of the bongo drum can b

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