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Just Bubbles

Bubbles is the only area that serves bubbles guests from close to the entire world.

Only here you will see that this particular type of drink is not only a celebration, but completely with simple dishes.
A extensive assortment of bubbles emphasizes fine cuisine combining simple goods in astonishing compositions. In the menu, among other factors: a extensive choice of regional meats and cheeses, with Raclette stove, tomato tartare, seafood, cured meats and abnormal desserts.

The mystery of gdzie dobrze zjeść Warszawa of the dishes lies in the substances from which they are made. In addition to specialties coming straight from Italy, Spain and France, you will locate delicacies from tiny Polish producers who produce to the maximum top quality neighborhood restaurant gems.

Bubbles Champagne is not only to decide on from a vast assortment of wines from Italy and Spain. Admirers of robust beverages waiting for a meeting with the great classic makes of spirits and surprises from domestic distillery.

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